Access Team

CFEED Access Team This team was recently created as a subgroup to focus on the access of students to Higher Education and emphasize the transition points most relevant to each particular institution.

Helios Education Foundation
Braulio Colon, VP and Program Director

Orange County Public Schools
Dr. Harold Border, Chief of High Schools, High Schools Office
Illatawie Showalter, Senior Director, Research, Accountability, and Grants
Dr. Jennifer Sasser, Associate Superintendent, Research, Accountability, and Grants
Mary Bridges, Executive Director, Student Services
Michelle Paul, Director, Data Strategy

School District of Osceola County
Anthony Cook, Coordinator of College and Career Counseling
Ashton Terry, Senior Manager, CFEED
Bruce Rodgers, Systems Analyst, IS
Dr. Chundra Evans, Assistant Superintendent of High School Curriculum and Instruction
Leah Torres, Research & Evaluation Specialist
Peter Thorne, Chief of Information & Technology Services
Scott Flowers, Administration/Chief of Staff for Teaching, Leading, and Learning

University of Central Florida
Dr. Paige Borden, Associate Provost, and Chief Analytics Officer

Valencia College
Dr. Brandon McKelvey, Technology, Research & Analytics, VP, Tech, Research & Analytics
Diana Pienaar, JD, MBA, LLM, CFEED Director
Eda Davis-Lowe, Assistant Vice President, Educational Partnerships
Isis Artze Vega, Provost & VP, Academic Affairs