Evaluation Team

The CFEED Evaluation Team will define scope, timing and measurable outcomes for evaluating progress.

Dr. Paul Perrault, Vice President and Director of Research & Evaluation

Midtown Consulting
Michael Holt, Program Director of CFEED

Orange County Public Schools
Chen An, Senior Director, Research, Accountability, and Grants
Kathleen Gary, Senior Administrator Research and Evaluation

School District of Osceola County
Janine Jarvis, Director of Research, Evaluation & Accountability

University of Central Florida
Dr. Jeff Jones, Vice Provost UCF Connect, and UCF Global
Dr. Linda Sullivan, Executive Director, Institutional Knowledge Management

Valencia College
Daryl Davis, Director of Institutional Research
Dr. Brandon McKelvey, VP, Analytics and Planning, Institutional Research
Lashon Henderson, Manager, Grant Administration and Development

Angela Estacion, Senior Research Associate
Daniel Bugler, Senior Research Associate
Jenna Terrell, Research Associate
Kathryn Grogan, Research Associate