INSIGHT TEAM (formerly, Institutional Research Team)

Insight Team

The CFEED Insight Team meets once a month. They work on the project and deliver tasks to required time and quality.

Matthew Crowley, Digital Delivery Lead
Jack W. Casey

Orange County Public Schools
Chen An, Senior Director, Research, Accountability, and Grants
Joe Starling, Enterprise Data Architect – ICTS
Dr. Luxi Feng, Senior Administrator Data Strategy
Robert Curran, Chief Information Officer
Suyin Ferro Rams, CFEED Database Analyst
Thomas Hoke, Director, Data Strategy

School District of Osceola County
Bruce Rodgers, Systems Analyst, IS
Leah Torres, Research & Evaluation Specialist
Nicole Scala, Senior Manager
Peter Straker, Administrator on Assignment
Peter Thorne, Chief of Information & Technology Services
Ulysses Vazquez, Director of Information Services

University of Central Florida
Andre Watts, Assoc. Director, Analytics & Decision Support
Dr. Delaine Priest, Associate Vice President, Student Development and Enrollment Services
Eric Wayte, Database Manager Enterprise
Dr. Joel Hartman, Vice President, Information Technologies and Resources, and Chief Information Officer
Dr. Linda Sullivan, Assistant VP & Institutional Data Administrator, Institutional Knowledge Management
Magdalena Fernández Civil, IR Research Analyst – CFEED
Mike Sink, VP & IT Chief Operating Officer

Valencia College
Dr. Brandon McKelvey, VP, Analytics and Planning, Institutional Research
Daryl Davis, Asst VP, Analytics & Reporting, Institutional Research
Diana Pienaar, JD, MBA, LLM, CFEED Director
Karen Wilson, Director, Learning Technology
Michael Holt, Midtown Consulting
Patti Smith, Chief Information Officer
Dr. Rachael Russell, CFEED Research Analyst
Renee White, Research Analyst