About the Analytics Team


Diana Pienaar, J.D.

CFEED Director, Valencia College

As an individual who traverses paths less traveled, Diana is excited to be in a position poised to make a positive difference in students’ lives.

Prior to joining Valencia, Diana spent over 28 years in various roles within the Information Technology field.  She has worked within Research and Development roles in private companies focused on Financial Services and Banking, E-Commerce, Logistics as well as Consulting Services prior to moving into Academia.  Recently, she was the Sr. Director of Enterprise Project Management at OCPS.

Diana attended the University of Central Florida before obtaining a Juris Doctor in Law from Barry University.  She also obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Orlando as well as a Master of Laws in International Taxation and Financial Services from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. 

Michael Holt

Product Director, Midtown Consulting (Valencia College)

Michael has over 20 years of experience in Information Management and Analytics with broad experience in all aspects of Information Delivery for Analysis, Decision Support, Enterprise Performance Management, and Financial Reporting activities. He has direct Industry experience in Finance, Hospitality, Education, Retail, Insurance, and Manufacturing.  His areas of expertise include system integration, data architecture, analytics, project management, system implementation, environment testing, ad-hoc reporting, data analysis, requirement & procedure documentation, and client relations.  Michael is a trusted and highly experienced Enterprise Systems Architect and services all roles required for project and product management life-cycles.

Ashton Terry, Sr.

Senior Manager, School District of Osceola County, FL

Ashton Terry spent over 15 years as an educator serving students in Osceola and Orange counties. He has experience as a teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal and principal. He recently transitioned into the Research, Evaluation & Accountability Department for SDOC, and looks forward to working with the CFEED team at Valencia.

Mr. Terry received a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Ohio University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida. In his spare time, Ashton enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Brandi Gilds

Data Engineer, Midtown Consulting Group (Valencia College)

Brandi has over 17 years of experience in design, development, testing, and implementation of software applications. Of those years, she has 16 years of relevant experience providing efficient solutions in Data Analysis, Data Management, Reporting and Development. She has direct industry experience within the Banking, Retail and Aviation sectors, as well as with the Federal Government. Brandi has experience migrating data from on-premises to cloud-based platforms. She is an experienced Data Engineer that helps to improve the efficiency of data solutions.

Dalila Talbi

Database Consultant, Midtown Consulting (Valencia College)

Dalila Talbi is currently employed as Data Consultant for Midtown Consultant Group. Her professional experience comprises over 15 years in analysis/developing reports and patterns based on Structured Query Language (SQL), Power Apps, Power Automate, by preparing charts/graphs to visualize data trends. She is adept at providing accurate and complete reports/information as per user’s needs. She is highly analytical and process-oriented data analyst with in-depth knowledge of database types; research methodologies; and big data capture, curation, manipulation, and visualization. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Statistics from University of Central Florida and is getting her master’s degree in data analysis from Western Governor University October 2022.