FAMIS 2023 Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida

The highly anticipated FAMIS 2023 Conference took place from June 13-15th, 2023 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Hosted by the Florida Association of MIS, it assembled educators, administrators, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to explore innovative approaches that transform the education landscape. This year’s conference focused on finding ways to empower students. Thought leaders shared ideas, insights, and best practices on topics such as enhancing student engagement to promote equitable learning environments, curriculum development, student support services, and the advantages of dual enrollment.

Ashton Terry from SDOC and CFEED was a presenter at the conference. He addressed the importance of Dual Enrollment (DE) in student success and shared some of CFEED’s latest research. CFEED has found that DE students exhibit the lowest attrition rates as well as the lowest major shock transfer as they move into their post-secondary coursework. DE not only offers high school students the chance to earn college credits in advance but also improves their likelihood of success in their higher education endeavors.

“What you guys are doing is a model I would like to see the rest of Florida implement.” -Johnnie Odom, Systems Integration Manager for the School District of Escambia County

About CFEED:

The CFEED Partnership is comprised of The School District of Osceola County (SDOC), Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), Valencia College, the University of Central Florida (UCF), and Midtown Consulting Group (MCG). The partners are engaged in building the data sets, technical tools and processes necessary for a silo-free examination of student performance from K-12 (OCPS and SDOC) through post-secondary (Valencia and UCF). CFEED has developed a comprehensive data set and analytical capabilities using Microsoft’s Azure platform.  The compiled historical and current data from each partner is modeled in Azure’s machine learning studio to conduct research and identify insights about the greater Orlando student success, course pathways, and other trends.

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