SDOC’s Ashton Terry attends FCAN’s Annual Talent Strong Summit in Tampa, FL

Every year, FCAN (Florida College Access Network) brings together community leaders and education advocates to gather, learn and collaborate with other professionals committed to supporting Florida students on their path to education beyond high school. Their multi-layered approach combines research, news and information, statewide initiatives, and support of local college access networks. The theme of this year’s summit was “Engage & Empower”, which emphasized the critical role of mental health and inclusivity in college and career readiness.  

“Attending the FCAN Talent Strong Summit was a wonderful opportunity that allowed me to network and learn from some of the brightest minds in K-12 and post-secondary education,” says Ashton Terry. “Speaking with counterparts from institutions around Florida, it seems that the next step is collaborating with businesses and other potential employers to ensure college and university students are prepared with an education that is relevant to meet workforce demand.  I am excited to see what new project opportunities this will create for CFEED!” 

About Ashton 

Ashton Terry, Sr., M.Ed. is the Senior Manager for the Central Florida Education Ecosystem Database (CFEED). He also works with the Research, Evaluation, and Accountability Department for SDOC (School District of Osceola Country), which is one of CFEED’s educational partners. Last week in Tampa, Florida, he attended FCAN’s annual summit. 

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